Emä Sue's Secrets Ånnen Potku FIN53596/08 Syntynyt: 22.9.2008 Lonkat: A/A Kyynärät: 0/0 Silmät: OK 2010 ja 2012 Ulkomuodontarkastus: Hyväksytty Luonnetesti: Hyväksytty 2011 pistein 140, laukaisuvarma BH: suoritettu hyväksytysti 2012 Näyttelyt: 1 x CACIB, 3 x Sert, 1 x ROP, 2 x VSP

NordV -12 ZuMa's Original: (written by owners) after: Korad Multichampion C.I.B & NO UCH DK UCH SV UCH NORD UCH TJH(FM) NO V-11 DK V-12 SE V-12 Everotts Mysak "Mysak" under: KORAD C.I.B SE UCH DK UCH ZuMa´s Wanzeera "Thea" Full set of teeth and correct bite. Hight: 65 cm Wight: 51 kg AD: UA (no remarks) HD: A (excellent) Eyes: UA (no remarks) Exteriour: Documented/performed Known mental status MH Balder is undergoing training for Patroldog in Swedish Nationalguard and is to be tested and certified during spring 2014. Dog shows: Several BOB (Best of Breed) Several BOS (Best opposite Sex) Several CACIB Several res-CACIB Several CK Balder have several BOB and BOS as a puppie. Best of Group (BIG) and Best of Breed (BOB) in Breeder Class and Progeny Class at several shows. Balder was Vice Junior World Winner at World Dog Show in Saltzburg 2012. Nordic Winner in Herning 2012 Balder is a gentle giant that shows no fears, who always want to please his master. He loves really loves the "army life", doing his military training with owner Jessica, where he does tracking, patrols, and guarding. He loves to roams the house with three rottie-friends, as much as he loves to lie in mommies lap for a kuddle and a kiss.

Bumban Original Adele

Näyttelystä Jun Eri

Bumban Original Eleonora

0/0 A/A
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Näyttelytuloksena Jun Eri

Bumban Original Fiina

Näyttelystä Jun Eri

Bumban Original Rose

C/C 0/0
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Bumban Original Balder

Kuollut (9kk)
Evira: rytmihäiriö, sydänvika, ei perinnöllinen.

Bumban Original Magnus

A/A 1/0
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Näyttelystä Jun Eh

Bumban Original Roberto

A/A 0/0

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